Property Evaluation Reports


If you are an investor from outside Southern California, or a local investor who doesn't want waste time, we prepare property evaluation reports for commercial properties throughout our region.

We begin our research by personally visiting the property and the neighborhood in which it is located. We examine the physical layout of both the propery and the improvements, noting features such as visibility and traffic flow, accessibility, parking, landscaping, signage, deffered maintenance and tenant mix. We are not building inspectors, so we do not report on items such as roofs, electric sytems or HVAC.

After completing the property research, we then investigate the neighborhood. Is the area growing, stable, declining or gentrifying? is there vacant land, new construction or decrepit buildings nearby? What is the vacancy rate and asking rents for similar properties in the area? How is the Freeway access if needed for a large office building or retail center? Any large development or redevelopment plans for the area? What are nearby homes, if any, selling for? Does the building "fit" the neighborhood, being compatible with other properties and uses for the area?

If we receive lease information, we can also determine if the rents are reasonable for the building and location. Many properties touting "below market" rents have a reason behind that, often poor location, visibilty, incompatible use or neglect.

Our reports are private and confidential, we will point out any problems so that you are aware of them in advance.

We are not real estate brokers, so this is a fee based service that will provide you with an unbiased report that will point out both the positive and negative aspects of a property that you are considering purchasing. Our reports save you time, effort and money in seperating viable oppurtunities from those that are not appropriate.