When our clients wish to sell a property, we handle all the marketing for them.

We produce a Digital Property Brochure to use in the marketing. The brochure is a four to seven page document containing all the information that we are able to compile regarding the property. Since we research so many properties for our clients, we try to have the answers for any questions that a potential buyer may have already included in the brochure.

Maps, photographs, floorplans, property data, rent rolls, zoning and demographic information, everything that we can assemble is included. We then send it to our buyers and the brokers who we work with regularly. After giving them a first look for a few days, we expand our marketing reach through the Internet, mailings and publications.

The brochure is detailed enough to allow a potential buyer, who may not know Gardena from Garden Grove, to become very familiar with the property. Our clients have received many offers for their properties, sight unseen, based strictly upon the information in our brochure.

As mentioned previously, we are not real estate brokers. We handle the advertising and marketing and handle any requests for additional information. Potential buyers who wish to make an offer will then be given our client's fax number or an email address for submitting offers. Our clients that can then respond directly to whichever offers they choose.